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Feel RICH without being RICH

Feel RICH without being RICH

Everyone would love to have fun while in university, but there are times where you might have overspent it.

But how to feel 'rich' without being 'rich'? I got you covered!

1. Planning your budget

Allocate and note your allowance for tuition fees, accommodation, groceries etc. It can help you keep track how much money you can spend each week or month, as well as shows how much you've saved.

2. Late groceries

Everyone love cheap stuff and not everything is always cheap. Sometimes when you get groceries from supermarket like Tesco, you will realise they will have a tray full of food at a discounted price. It does not only save cost, but it can also help you have a filling meal!

3. Second-hand items

Second hand items are usually cheaper and some could be still

good condition too. You may be able to find items like books, pots, stationaries etc. in second-hand shops, or you can also ask the student university page if anyone is selling their old stuff.

4. Look out to student/ university pages

Social media is a useful tool in connecting students together. Some restaurants or places may be offering free food and I'm sure someone would notify in the group. There are also times where university events will give food vouchers and they are great in helping you to save some cost!

There are many ways to budget in university life and it is important to join the student community. That way, we can all budget together as a whole!

By Tan Huey En Joyce
BA (Hons) in Fashion Design Pathway, Year 2 - Teesside University

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