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Part-time job

Part-time job

Work + Uni + Life = Balance

It can be challenging trying to balance everything as a student... the pressure of getting good grades, finding a job, all while making the most of the 'uni experience' (because as someone finishing their final year... it flies by!).

I worked part-time across my entire time at university. Balancing everything could be difficult, my sleep schedule often took the hit. It took me a while to master the balance, but the good news is... it is possible! Here's my top tips:

Plan your week

Give yourself 15 minutes on the weekend to sit and check your schedule. This allows you to start your week organised and understand when you have free time.

Don't leave assignments until the last minute

A lot of people tend to ignore the advice but starting early will save you so much stress! You don't need to spend hours typing up assignments months and months before deadlines but doing bits little and often will take the pressure off during the ever-so-stressful deadline season... especially in final year.

Be realistic about work hours

I had periods during my first year where I worked 20-hours-per-week alongside classes... it was exhausting.

In second and third year I stuck to working 8-10 hours-per-week. Working less hours might result in having less cash to splash on nights out, but if you budget then it is possible (and your grades will thank you for it!).

Look after yourself

University is a chaotic, stressful but exciting time, so look after yourself! Balancing so much can sometimes leave you in 'autopilot'. Don't be afraid to ask to book holiday days off work, to say no to a night out if you're not feeling it, or take some extra time to yourself to recharge.

By Lauren Hart - Business Management

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